Senior Design Capstone Expo


Georgia Tech senior design courses in all of the colleges within the universiy work tediously towards one final presentation day- SENIOR DESIGN EXPO. Stakes are high because winning teams as determined by the judges takes home a cash prize in addition to those selected to win the People’s Choice Award. The SafiChoo team was so excited to present our research and design work on the taboo topic of sanitation.



As a team, we worked the crowd, explaining to them our passion and our story. While we did not win any prizes directly at the expo (although we did come in 2nd place for the People’s Choice Awards), we did received something that indirectly changed our lives forever.

We received a golden ticket that automatically guaranteed that we would be admitted to the semi-finals round of the Georgia Tech 2014 InVenture Prize Competition. We did not even think we qualified for this competition since our design is very simple since it is intended to be built and serviced in low income regions of the world. Being invited to participate in the 2014 InVenture Prize competition proves that technology does not necessarily mean the flashiest or sexiest high tech design with all of the newest bells and whistles. Technology is intended to meet a need and to improve people’s lives, and based on this definition of technology, SafiChoo definitely qualified. 


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